Hardware is changing. Not anymore just a basic place and manual working for “men” as is usually commonly imagined, but a meeting point between art, culture, business and territory. Screws, nuts, bolts, locks and keys, become works of art.

Artènsile is a photo contest created in 2012 by Sabrina Canese and supported by the Canese Dante Srl, which brings together the world of hardware with the creative process of contemporary artists.

Canese Ferramenta Hardware, located in La Spezia, becomes a promoter of artistic investigation in the ferramenta sector when Sabrina, in Paris, seeing a picture of the us photo artist Berenice Abbott that depict the pipe wrench in a wave-line motion, understands the chance to combine the world of art with his professional business.


“I’ve never thought the business such as just a reality to earn profit. I’ve ever tought that every group of people is a microcosm with his rules and his philosophy, that hold an architecture of internal relationship, but necessarily turns outward”. Sabrina Canese

“The company doesn’t live with their own light, but through a complex system made of territory, human relationship, culture, environment, economy, politic and communication; it explains its story to the community where it lives and to the costumer.

The company prosperous, if the territory where it lives does. The art, for me, is among other declinations, a creative process of one or more persons that make form and story of an idea, sublimating in the form and in the content.
The culture is the hallmark of a territory with his traditions, of a Nation with his stories and the works that talk for it. So, why these worlds – art, culture, company – couldn’t meet?
So the operation Artènsile has born. The hardware so basic and rough we use to think about it and the art, so sublime, elaborated and sophisticated a man can reach.
Let’s try to think to a world without screws, nuts and bolts. Everything is fixed to the walls and on the floor with objects that we can find in the hardware. The most beautiful architectures wouldn’t exist without the hardware.



Artènsile project is born in 2012 and it was made for young artists under 30 years old resident in La Spezia. It was a photo contest for the best artistic picture featuring the world of hardware so it could be used even for marketing.
Giving more chances to the creativity of the new generations, there is a new opportunity to enrich the territory. The culture, in this case the photography as art, used to give more importance and to relate our story and our traditions. But that’s not all, even motivation for young people that doesn’t work in the hardware, to better know this sector learning to watch the objects with different eyes.

The photo contest has been found very interesting since the first edition and so, in 2013, for the second edition, the participants are been extended to the artists from all over Italy. It has been declared as a national contest reaching sponsorships from the hardware section, institutions and association, collaborations from artistic associations and professional collaboration from architects.

In 2014 take place the third edition of the contest that configure into an even more definitive form. The participants are under 30 years old and not only from all over Italy; the argument of this edition is the “Security System” (devices used daily made to protect, ensure, fit out the objects that are all around us in the place where we live. We can think about the locks for example); the awards, conferred by Canese Dante Srl, are assigned by an expert jury and by the web users (using the “Like” button in Facebook); works are been exposed in “CAMeC” and in other commercial shops in La Spezia and all around Italy.

In 2016, on the occasion of the fourth edition of the project, we want to bring the young artists in front of the jobs – crafts, tools, industrial spaces to recover (Artènsile enter into NOVA), experience to enjoy – and the theme of the “Access Control” (interaction between places and system to safeguard the safety of goods and persons).